Types of Accidents Commonly Seen in Alabama Construction Site Mishaps

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Ask any Tuscaloosa work injury lawyer and they will tell you construction sites are notorious for their dangerous working conditions. In the year 2019, approximately 20% of all private industry worker fatalities were in construction. The Occupational Safety & Health Association (OSHA) has determined that there are four significant construction zone accident hazards that contribute to a majority of these fatalities and other injuries. 

Falls on Construction Sites

Falls are a common cause of construction site injuries as many jobs performed by construction workers are executed from a considerable height. Examples of conditions that cause these falls to take place include:

  • A collapsed scaffold
  • Ledges and floor holes that are not clearly marked or safeguarded
  • Working in inclement weather conditions
  • Defective or improperly used ladder
  • Lack of appropriate safety gear
  • Improper maintenance causing slipping and tripping hazards

Construction Site Electrocutions

Electrically powered tools and machinery are a common sight on construction sites and a significant source of injuries seen by our Tuscaloosa work injury lawyer. Some of the more common causes of electrocution are:

  • Power Lines: High-voltage power lines are often found on or near construction sites. Contact with one of these lines can cause serious burns or even death.
  • Extension Cords: Extension cords are often used on construction sites, and are all too often kept loose and uncovered. This causes them to become frayed and the plugs to become warped, leading to an increased chance of electrocution. 
  • Improper Machine Maintenance: It is imperative that the equipment used at construction sites be frequently inspected as it is often exposed to the elements and can easily become damaged.

“Caught In” Injuries on Construction Sites

“Caught in” injuries occur when a worker is caught between two objects. Examples include:

  • A worker being pulled into machinery by loose clothing
  • A worker that is crushed between two objects, such as a truck bed and a dock wall
  • A worker that is run over by a large vehicle, such as a road grader
  • A worker installing piping on a site that requires substantial excavation being crushed by a collapsing wall

“Struck By” Injuries

A “struck by” injury occurs when a construction worker is hit or struck by an object. Examples include:

  • A piece of equipment falling from scaffolding, striking a worker on the ground
  • Use of a power tool causing a piece of material to become loose, fly through the air and strike a nearby worker
  • A load that is being lifted on a construction site being improperly secured, causing an item to fall and strike a worker
  • An absence of proper barricades causing a worker to be struck by a moving vehicle

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