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We deal with people who face or have faced oftentimes very stressful, anxious moments in their lives. Some of the clients with whom we meet have just suffered the greatest tragedy in their lives, and there’s been a death of a loved one. We try to be, and consider ourselves to be, extremely sensitive to those needs and to those feelings. To lawyers who work up cases, and that’s our job to work up the case, and that’s what these clients ultimately want us to do,is to work up their cases successfully. But at the same time, we’re human too and we understand and know that they’ve been through a horrible experience.

The rest of their life may hang in jeopardy, depending on their own injuries, depending on how they’re going to cope with the loss of someone they love very dearly. They’re angry, they’re unhappy, they’re sad, they’re stressed, they’re fearful, they’re lost, or they feel like they’re lost, and they’re reaching out for a helping hand. And I’m very happy to say that not only do the lawyers in our firm take into account these feelings, which truly matter, but so does our staff. We have surrounded ourselves with some compassionate, caring people, who empathize or try to empathize to the extent they can with the needs of our clients.

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"I have great respect for the lawyers at this firm and would recommend them to anyone. "
Posted By: Adam Freeman

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