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The loss of a limb is a horrific event. Few would trade even the tip of a pinkie for anything. The loss of a limb is a constant, permanent reminder of a tragic accident. In most amputation cases, the victim’s life will never be the same.

If your amputation was caused by the wrongful conduct of another, you are entitled to compensation for your injury from the parties who are responsible for causing it. No amount of money can replace a lost limb, or even a finger or toe. Unlike many personal injury cases, the injury is permanent – there is no prospect of regaining your health. While rehabilitation and prosthetics can greatly improve your life, and even return you to a fully functioning capacity in many respects, the effect of the injury is always there. Juries can readily understand this, and an experienced trial attorney can explain to the jury the many ways in which your life has been forever changed by your accident.

Amputation accidents can occur in many ways. Motorcycle accidents can frequently lead to amputations, because the body is exposed to metal and asphalt at high speeds. High-speed auto accidents can also lead to amputations. Amputations occur as a result of medical malpractice, sometimes while the doctor is attempting to treat the patient for a less-severe injury to a limb. Amputations can also occur in on-the-job settings, such as construction sites, factories, or other areas where heavy machinery is involved. In some of these cases workers’ compensation is not your only means for recovery, as a defective machine or product may have contributed to your injury.

The damages a victim suffers in an amputation can be considerable. The pain and suffering and emotional anguish are often immense, requiring medication, a pain management program, and counseling. Medical expenses are usually very high, and physical therapy and rehabilitation form a significant type of financial cost. Other unique costs to the victim in an amputation are wound treatment and prosthetics. The victim’s house and car may have to be modified, and the victim may need to be retrained to perform different job duties due to new limitations.

Because of the many costs that result from an amputation accident, the recovery in an amputation case can be relatively high. However, it is important to hire an attorney who understands all of the costs involved, and who will thoroughly investigate all of the impacts of the accident on your life. Because of the high stakes involved, insurance companies often draw out litigation in amputation cases. Amputation cases often need multiple experts to testify, further increasing the costs of litigation. It is important to hire an attorney in your amputation case who has the resources to see the case through, and who will explore every possible means for recovery.

The attorneys at Cross & Smith have successfully handled amputation cases. We are prominent Alabama amputation attorneys, and have the experience and resources to help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. We understand how important your case is, and will approach your case with sensitivity, respect, and diligence. We will help you accurately assess the value of your case, and will represent you aggressively in court. Call our office today at (877) 791-0618 for a free confidential consultation.

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