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Injured in a Collision with a Large Truck or 18 Wheeler? You Need a Tuscaloosa Truck Accident Lawyer

The experienced legal team at Cross & Smith will aggressively represent your interests in all aspects of your claim. Our lawyers have handled numerous truck accident and 18 wheeler accident cases in Tuscaloosa and throughout Alabama. If you or a loved one has been injured, it is important to have a skilled Tuscaloosa truck accident lawyer on your side.

Large trucks, including semi trucks and other commercial trucks, are central to commerce in America. They routinely travel on all Alabama roadways. While trucks are familiar sights on the road, they present uncommon dangers to other drivers and bystanders. They generally have less visibility than other vehicles, and have slower braking response and a more limited ability to avoid accidents. But most significantly, trucks are massive. A semi truck cab alone can weigh up to ten tons, and with a loaded trailer it can weigh several times that amount. A regular passenger vehicle, on the other hand, typically weighs between 1-2 tons.

As a result of the wide disparity in weight between cars and commercial trucks, cars can suffer extreme damage in a collision. Even smaller industrial trucks can cause severe damage due to their size and weight. This means that even a low-speed accident such as a rear-end collision at an intersection can cause significantly more damage than a similar accident involving two comparable cars. In any accident with a truck, serious injuries may result.

In part due to the dangers of large trucks and 18 wheelers, numerous federal and state regulations govern trucking operations, including safety inspections, speed monitoring, alcohol, drug and cell phone regulations, driver certification requirements, and numerous other aspects of safe truck operation. Many trucks also carry “black box”-type devices that record certain data about the truck, which can be highly useful in an accident case. A thorough investigation of a trucking accident often reveals evidence of violations of one or more of these regulations, and where that violation contributed to the accident it provides additional evidence of liability.

Do Any Special Rules Apply to Large Trucks or 18 Wheelers?

Truck accident cases often present questions regarding the employment of the driver. Because truck accidents typically happen while the driver is on the job, the employer is also liable for injuriesThird Party Truck Accident Liability caused due to the driver’s negligence. At times the employer – as well as the driver – is at fault in the accident, by failing to properly maintain and inspect the vehicle, failing to adequately check the background of the driver, or requiring the driver to work unsafe numbers of hours.

In Tuscaloosa, truck operators also generally carry significantly higher-limit insurance policies than drivers of regular vehicles. Because of these employment and insurance issues, these cases can frequently result in higher compensation for injured parties than other auto accidents. Because of the many unique issues presented in truck accident cases, it is important if you have been injured to retain a skilled truck wreck attorney.

Truck drivers generally go through extensive training to learn how to handle massive vehicles. Unfortunately, even though the Alabama Driver Manual provides information on sharing the roads with trucks, many drivers do not truly understand why they pose dangers to smaller passenger vehicles.

The average car is simply no match against semi-tractor trailer trucks. Considering that truck drivers can usually walk away from accidents that leave passengers of small cars severely injured or worse, every driver should learn some basic procedures that can protect them on Alabama roads.

Five Tips That Can Help Reduce the Risk of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are vital to our lives. They get the products we use every day to market, but many people think it would be nice if all large vehicles used separate roadways. Barring that unlikely scenario, drivers can be much safer by observing the following tips:

  • Recognize the “no zone:” Understand that driving anywhere around trucks or buses is dangerous. Drivers cannot avoid them, but there is no reason to linger near them for any significant length of time. A helpful online brochure, Don’t Hang Out in the NO-ZONE, published by the U.S. Department of Transportation, clearly illustrates the areas where other drivers are at risk for accidents.
  • Pass properly: The best chance of being seen by a truck driver is to pass on the left side. Keep in mind that trucks cannot react quickly, so give as much room as possible while passing and avoid cutting directly in front of the truck.
  • Take extra precaution on windy days: At any time, trailers can swing unexpectedly behind trucks and this is even more likely to happen during strong winds. This is another good reason why drivers should not linger on either side of a truck.
  • Expect wide turns: Anyone driving behind a truck is likely to notice the wide turn warning sign, but not everyone knows what it means. Since trucks need extra space to turn right, they may turn right from the left lane. Even a car stopped to the right of a truck at a light can easily be obliterated by a right-turning truck.
  • Beware of tire blowouts: The heavy weight of a semi-truck causes tires to blow out more frequently than those on smaller vehicles. Even tire remnants on the roads pose hazards for all vehicles, but being hit by blown tire fragments at the time of a blowout can be devastating.

In the Event of a Tractor Trailer Accident, Seek Knowledgeable Legal Support from a Tuscaloosa Truck Accident Lawyer

From a legal standpoint, trucking accidents are very different from small vehicle collisions. Anyone who sustains injuries or loses a loved one in a truck crash needs to turn to an attorney who knows the state and federal trucking laws — and understands how the trucking business works. Be sure to look for a Tuscaloosa truck wreck lawyer with the skills and experience needed to go against a powerful team of trucking company attorneys.

A Tuscaloosa Truck Accident Lawyer Will Fight For You

The trial lawyers at Cross & Smith have successfully represented many individuals injured in truck and 18 wheeler accidents, recovering millions of dollars. We understand the nuances and details of truck accident cases, and know how to work with insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys to obtain the most compensation possible. If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact our office today at (877) 791-0618 to speak with an experienced Tuscaloosa truck accident lawyer, or contact us online for a free confidential consultation.

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