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Hit and Run Accidents

Injured in a Hit and Run? A Cross & Smith Tuscaloosa Hit and Run Accident Lawyer is Here to Help

Hit and run accident victims can find themselves in a horrible personal injury situation. They can end up in physical, emotional, and financial trouble. If you were hit by a vehicle that did not stop while you were driving, riding your bicycle, or walking you need a Tuscaloosa hit and run accident lawyer to help protect your rights.

Alabama Law on Hit and Run Drivers and Phantom Vehicles

In Alabama, like every state in the country, if a driver hits another motor vehicle, or a bicyclist, or a pedestrian, he or she is required by law to stop and, if needed, provide aid to the injured. 

The person who causes an accident and then leaves the scene is not only committing a crime, they are leaving the injured victims without a way to seek damages. 

This are also cases —  commonly referred to as phantom vehicle accidents — where someone is forced off the road by another driver’s negligent or reckless behavior. In these single car type of crashes, a car could end up going off the shoulder of the road and slamming into a ditch, or crashing into an object like a tree or lamp post. 

If you are either hit by a driver or forced off the road by one, a Tuscaloosa hit and run accident attorney can help by:

  • Freeing you up to take care of your medical needs after the accident
  • Interviewing witnesses and working with law enforcement to find the person who hit you or ran you off the road
  • Looking out for your interests by seeking out other legal avenues that may be available to you for recovering damages

Let a Tuscaloosa Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Handle Your Claim 

Automobile insurance policies in Alabama automatically contain coverage in case of an accident by an uninsured or underinsured party. In fact, unless you took actual steps to decline this coverage, if you have an auto insurance policy in Alabama, you are likely covered for your hit and run or phantom vehicle accident. However, your coverage does not guarantee your insurance company will pay enough.

Insurance companies are never quick to pay out everything an injured accident victim is entitled to. For that reason, you might consider letting an experienced Tuscaloosa hit and run accident attorney deal with the insurance company. 

In cases where the person who is at fault is actually found, a Tuscaloosa hit and run accident lawyer can file a claim against them for damages. We can also be your advocate during settlement negotiations. If a settlement cannot be reached, we can take your case to trial. 

You Can Depend on Cross & Smith to Help After a Hit and Run

The Tuscaloosa hit and run accident lawyer team at Cross & Smith will do all they can to help you find a way to recover damages after your hit and run accident. Please contact us online or call our office at (877) 791-0618 for a free confidential consultation.

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