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ATV and SUV Accidents

Rollover accidents are exceedingly dangerous. Even a vehicle occupant who is belted in faces risk of severe injury. Severe spinal injuries, including paralysis, as well as amputations, broken limbs, severe lacerations, and even death often result from rollover accidents.  The attorneys at Cross & Smith recognize that ATV and SUV rollover accidents occur frequently in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham areas.

ATVs, or All Terrain Vehicles, have a long history of rolling over. There have been many lawsuits regarding ATV rollovers, some of which have led to improvements in ATV designs. Unfortunately, most ATVs still have a high propensity for rolling over because of the narrow wheelbase and relatively high power and high center of gravity. Side-by-side models such as the Yamaha Rhino, Polaris Ranger, and Kawasaki Teryx have been the subject of significant litigation in recent years as the popularity of this style of ATV has increased.

SUVs, short for Sport Utility Vehicle, have become a fixture on American roadways. Many drivers prefer the higher driving position and enhanced visibility of an SUV, as well as the feeling of safety a larger vehicle can evoke. While SUVs are now common in American driveways, they do not handle like the cars most Americans are familiar with. Because of the additional height of these vehicles they have a substantially higher likelihood of tipping over than a regular sedan. While the safety and tip-over potential of SUVs has improved compared to the earliest SUV models, rollovers remain a serious problem.

Rollover accidents often involve only one vehicle – the vehicle that rolled over. This may make it appear that only the driver was at fault. In fact, there can be many contributing causes of a rollover. Often vehicles that roll over are dangerously designed with an unnecessarily high center of gravity or other factors that make the vehicle prone to rolling over. Other design defects can be present, such as inadequate pillar or roof integrity to prevent crushing of the roof, defects in the tires, suspension, or steering, or defects in safety belts and other restraint mechanisms. Manufacturers frequently know that their SUVs and ATVs are unnecessarily prone to rolling over, but do not adequately warn the user of these dangers.

The severe injuries that can come from ATV or SUV rollovers can have devastating effects. Beyond the physical pain and suffering of a severe injury, substantial medical bills often result. Life-altering injuries such as amputations and paralysis can lead to immense loss of income and create new responsibilities for other family members.

If you have suffered injury in a rollover you may be entitled to compensation. But to stand up to the vehicle manufacturer, you should seek the help of an experienced Alabama ATV or SUV rollover attorney. At Cross & Smith, we have successfully brought claims on behalf of severely injured victims, including settlements of over $1,000,000 in rollover suits. We will handle your case with diligence, integrity, and a focus on obtaining the best result possible for the injured parties.  The experienced ATV and SUV Rollover Lawyers at Cross & Smith handle these types of cases in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Birmingham, Alabama.  If you would like to consult with us, please call us today at (877) 791-0618 for a free confidential consultation.

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