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Auto Property Damage? A Tuscaloosa Auto Property Damage Lawyer Can Help 

If you have been in a car crash, chances are your vehicle sustained a lot of damage. There are some things you need to know about recovering for your damaged vehicle. While a Cross & Smith Tuscaloosa auto property damage lawyer can explain what your options will be in your specific circumstances, the following provides some information that you may find useful.

Collecting for Your Car Damage in Alabama

The first thing your Tuscaloosa auto property damage lawyer is going to want to talk to you about is whether or not your car can be repaired. Once you answer that question, you will be able to move forward with determining what type of recovery you might be entitled to.

Is Your Car Repairable?

Whether or not your car can be repaired after the crash is going to depend on whether it makes economic sense to put money into the repairs. If it is not economically feasible to repair your car, it will be deemed a total loss, also referred to as “totaled.” 

Insurance companies differ in how they determine whether a vehicle is totaled, but many companies will examine the repair estimates, or the vehicle itself, to assess whether or not the damages to the car represent 75 percent or more of its value. If they do, you will probably have a totaled vehicle on your hands.

If your car can be repaired, your Tuscaloosa auto property damage lawyer will help you determine what you are entitled to. Whether your insurance company or the at-fault party’s insurance company is covering the repairs, your attorney will help make sure that you receive all the benefits of the policy. For instance, you may be entitled to:

  • Substitute transportation while the vehicle is being repaired
  • Choose the auto body shop where the repairs will be made
  • Reimbursement for towing charges
  • Reimbursement for other damage-related expenses, such as vehicle storage 

If Your Car is Totaled 

Most insurance companies will pay you the fair market value of your car if it is totaled. They may also reimburse you for any towing or storage fees. The insurance company may also be required to pay you for any alternative transportation you used after the accident. 

Do not just assume the value the insurance company is placing on your vehicle is its fair market value. Do your own research and if necessary, consult with a Tuscaloosa auto property damage lawyer to make sure you are getting what you deserve. If necessary your attorney can intervene on your behalf to get you a better settlement for your car. 

Preserving Your Vehicle as Evidence in Alabama

If you are pursuing a lawsuit against an at-fault party for personal injuries and property damage sustained in the accident, your Tuscaloosa auto property damage lawyer will advise you about whether your damaged vehicle should be inspected before it is repaired or disposed of. 

In some instances, the wheels, tires, doors, fenders, engine, hood and trunk may need to be examined. The steering system, the braking system, and the restraining systems, as well as other parts and systems, might need to be looked at as well for evidence.  

Contact a Tuscaloosa Auto Property Damage Lawyer

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