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Brain Injury

Of all the parts of the body a person would least want injured, you may not think first of the brain. But there is no doubt that injury to the brain can turn your life upside-down. Serious brain injury can lead to loss of memory, emotion, cognition, and can have neurological effects such as seizures, amongst other things. The victim’s entire identity and personality can change, leading to difficulties on the job, in interpersonal relationships, and performing basic life activities such as running errands or playing with one’s children. The impact of a traumatic brain injury on the victim can be debilitating.

Brain injury – also called traumatic brain injury, or TBI – is an unfortunately common phenomenon in America that often goes undiagnosed or untreated. The most common cause is impact injuries, typically occurring in car accidents. This can involve a direct blow to the head, or can also result from jarring the putty-like matter in the brain in a whiplash injury.

The signs of brain injury can be subtle or unclear, and the science of brain injuries continues to develop. Brain injuries often are not diagnosed in the emergency room or in the early stages of treatment, and sometimes symptoms do not appear immediately. Because of the often-delayed diagnosis, and because the victim often is in the same physical condition before and after the accident, doctors, peers, family, and the victim himself may have difficulty understanding how the accident created the symptoms. Sometimes the victim is painted as a malingerer, or is portrayed as having other past injuries that created the problems the victim now experiences.

Brain injury cases are very difficult cases requiring extensive medical knowledge on the part of the injured party’s attorney. Substantial medical testimony is generally required. Because there may not be other signs of injury or of the severity of the impact, the consequences of the impact on the brain must be explained in painstaking detail. The victim often has difficulty communicating the effects of the injury because the victim may not entirely understand what those effects are. Typically the testimony of family members and other close associates is necessary to fully explain the ways in which victim changed since the injury. Largely because of the substantial expert testimony, the costs of pursuing a brain injury case can be very high.

The plaintiff’s lawyer must be able to compassionately portray the life-altering effects of this injury to the jury – a significant and complex injury that many jurors may never have heard of. When seeking an attorney, you should look for an attorney with significant experience in trying complex, high-stakes personal injury cases to a jury.

The attorneys at Cross & Smith are experienced Alabama brain injury attorneys, and have successfully handled numerous complex personal injury cases. We understand the devastating impact of a traumatic brain injury on the victim and everyone around him. We will handle your case with empathy, and will leave no stone unturned in obtaining just compensation for your injuries. Call our office today at (877) 791-0618 for a free confidential consultation.

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