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Prescription and over-the-counter drugs serve many valuable functions in today’s society. However, in some instances the harmful effects of these drugs outweigh any health benefits. From diet drugs to blood pressure medication, antidepressants to birth control medication, drugs have the potential to cause anywhere from subtle to severe injury. These injuries can be caused a number of ways, including previously-unknown side effects, concealed side effects, and known dangers that are not properly brought to the public’s attention.

The mammoth pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive. In the push to bring new drugs to market before competitors, pharmaceutical companies sometimes inadequately screen their drugs. In some cases, drug manufacturers have concealed known issues with drugs that have caused injury to users of those drugs. In many instances, cases brought by injured individuals have brought to light defects causing injuries around the country, leading to safer drugs for all and accountability for drug makers who ignore the law and put profits over consumers’ health.

Pursuing pharmaceutical litigation requires extensive knowledge of FDA drug regulations. In addition to testing and government disclosure requirements, drug companies must follow strict labeling and marketing requirements. Failure to follow these requirements can cause harm to thousands of prescription drug users.

Pursuing pharmaceutical litigation also requires an attorney with the resources to see the case through trial and any potential appeal. Drug cases generally require extensive expert testimony, which can create tremendous costs. Drug companies have vast resources, substantial experience combating pharmaceutical litigation, and a strong interest in disproving the plaintiff’s claims and preserving the reputation of their products.

Pharmaceutical cases can present other unique issues. In the case of generic drugs, the user may have difficulty determining who manufactured the actual drugs that she consumed. Some drugs may not have direct negative effects on the user of the drug, but if the user is pregnant, the unborn child may be harmed. In many cases injury occurs over a long period of time while the user takes the drug, and the harm may not manifest itself for years. In all pharmaceutical drug cases, if you have any indication that you may have been harmed by a drug it is essential to consult with an attorney right away in order to limit any potential statute of limitations.

At Cross & Smith, we have handled several pharmaceutical cases. We are seasoned Alabama pharmaceutical attorneys, and have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of individuals injured by pharmaceutical products. In addition, we have extensive experience in medical malpractice cases, giving us a high level of familiarity with the complex industry. Having also successfully litigated many products liability cases, we understand how to simplify difficult technical issues so that a jury can understand the heart of our client’s case. For a confidential consultation, Call us today at (877) 791-0618.

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