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Despite advancements in the design and engineering of all ATVs and SUVs, these vehicles are still highly susceptible to rolling over in the event of a crash. As rollovers tend to result in severe injuries, accident victims’ losses will often be substantial, and this means that filing a claim for just compensation needs to be a top priority during the recovery process. At Cross & Smith, our Alabama ATV and SUV rollover attorneys have decades of experience representing serious accident victims and their families, and we can use this experience to help through your recovery.

Why are ATVs and SUVs at Such High Risk for Rolling Over?   

Although ATVs and SUVs are very different vehicles, they have one very important factor in common: a high center of gravity. When traveling at high speeds, this high center of gravity makes ATVs and SUVs especially prone to rolling over. While some ATVs and SUVs are safer than others, they all present risks, and our attorneys have handled cases against many of the leading ATV and SUV manufacturers.

Who is Liable for an ATV or SUV Rollover Accident?

Determining who is liable for an ATV or SUV accident requires a thorough investigation and a critical assessment of the specific facts involved. Generally speaking, however, most cases involve one of two factors, or a combination of both. These are:

If your ATV or SUV flipped when you were hit by another driver, then the driver who hit you may be liable. However, it is also very possible that the design of your ATV or SUV was defective—in which case the manufacturer could be financially responsible for your accident-related losses. Our lawyers handle both types of claims, and we can ensure that all liable parties are held accountable for your injuries or your loved one’s death.

What if My ATV or SUV was the Only Vehicle Involved in the Crash?

Many ATV and SUV crashes are single-vehicle collisions. If your ATV or SUV was the only vehicle involved in the crash, you could have a vehicle defect claim against its manufacturer. We encourage you to contact us promptly so that our Alabama rollover accident lawyers can determine if you have a claim for damages.

How Much Can I Recover for My Losses?

The amount you are entitled to recover depends on (i) whether you can prove liability, and (ii) the extent of your injuries (or the financial and non-financial impacts of your loved one’s death). While each case is different, we have secured settlements in excess of $1 million in rollover lawsuits. If you have a claim, our attorneys will work to secure maximum compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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