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Alabama Traffic Accidents Likely to Increase with Economic Recovery

Jul 27, 2012 - Car Accidents by

If your daily commute seems to have gotten more perilous recently, you might not be imagining things. The number of traffic fatalities in the first quarter of 2012 soared by nearly 14 percent, resulting in nearly 1,000 more deaths on the nation’s roads. Tuscaloosa personal injury attorneys may see an uptick in all types of accident cases as the economy improves. While the federal government and safety advocates have trumpeted declining traffic fatality numbers throughout the downturn, many economists predicted those numbers would soar again with economic recovery. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates 7,630 people died in motor vehicle accidents during the first three months of 2012. That’s up 13.5 percent from the 6,720 fatalities reported during the same period one year ago. If the estimate holds true, it would be the second-largest quarterly increase in traffic fatalities since the government began keeping modern records in 1975. First-quarter results had been declining since 2006, when 9,558 motorists were killed through March 31.

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Speed Limiters & Trucking Accident Risks in Alabama

Jul 24, 2012 - Truck Accidents by

Serious consideration is being given to requiring all tractor-trailer’s traveling on the nation’s roads to incorporate automatic speed-limiting technologies. Officials with the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety have joined the debate with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regarding the potential requirement for large truck speed-limiting technologies. This was the result of petitions filed by Road Safe America and the American Trucking Association to help to get large commercials vehicles to slow down on our nation’s highways. Slower traveling trucks help to reduce the risks of serious injury and death in the event of a trucking accident in Alabama. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is in on it too, saying that speed governors for large trucks should be required on all commercial vehicles. The technology is already mandatory in many other countries.

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Alabama Swimming Pool Accidents a Summer Risk

Jul 17, 2012 - Personal Injury by

As we reach the height of summer, our Tuscaloosa personal injury attorneys would like to take time to talk to you about the importance of water safety and avoiding swimming pool accidents in Alabama. The Centers for Disease Control reports about 10 people a day die as a result of drowning accidents. About 3,500 drown while swimming, and another 350 die from drowning as a result of boating accidents. In addition, thousands are seriously injured by near-drowning. And the data shows many will need significant hospital care for serious injuries, including brain injuries. Brain injuries caused by lack of oxygen can result in long-term disabilities, including memory and learning problems. Half of near -drowning victims treated in hospital emergency rooms require extended care, including those whose injuries result in permanent vegetative state.

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Alabama Trucking Accidents are a Summer Travel Risk

Jul 16, 2012 - Truck Accidents by

One person was killed in a Calera, Alabama trucking accident recently. The crash involved two tractor-trailers and a passenger vehicle that claimed the life of a 26-year-old Bessemer man who was a passenger in the 1990 Ford Clubwagon. Three other occupants of the van were injured and taken to the hospital, as well the driver of one of the semi-trucks. The The driver of the other rig was not injured. Our Alabama personal injury attorneys know that the occupants of passenger vehicles are most at risk in accidents with large trucks. As we recently noted on our Alabama Injury Attorneys’ Blog, the government reported 110 large trucks were involved in trucking accidents in Alabama in 2010.

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Alabama Traffic Accidents: State Ranks Third-Deadliest

Jul 11, 2012 - Car Accidents by

If you are between the ages of 5 and 34, you are more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident than by any other means. And Alabama is among the nation’s deadliest states in which to drive, according to a 24/7 Wall Street analysis. The analysis is based on a report by The Trust for America’s Health, which looked at recent state-by-state data on causes of injuries and death. Our Alabama personal injury attorneys were not surprised to learn that Alabama is the nation’s third-deadliest state for motorists.

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Tuscaloosa Injury Claims: Identifying Responsible Parties

Jul 5, 2012 - Personal Injury by

Identifying all of the at-fault parties, and their associated insurance carriers, are among the most critical tasks of a Tuscaloosa personal injury lawyer. Progressive Northern Insurance Co. v. Mohr, a case decided by the Delaware Supreme Court, involved a pedestrian accident victim. The victim recovered $15,000 from the insurance carrier of the vehicle involved in the accident. But he also sought to recover from Progressive Northern Insurance Company, which had a policy in place on a vehicle owned by the victim’s mother. The policy excluded coverage of Mohr as result of a pedestrian accident. The question before the court was whether such an exclusion was permissible or whether an insurance company had to include pedestrian accidents in its personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. In this case, the Supreme Court decided Mohr could collect from the PIP policy in place on his mother’s vehicle. And that the exclusion conflicted with Delaware’s automobile insurance laws. Thus, in addition to the $15,000 collected from the at-fault driver’s insurance policy, the court ordered Progressive, which insured the victim’s mother, to pay an additional $85,000! The court ordered the $15,000 be subtracted from the $100,000 policy limit in place.

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