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Patients are Encouraged to Learn More about Prescribed Medications

May 22, 2015 - Personal Injury by

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves medications for specific uses which are posted on the labels. Less known, however, is the fact that the FDA does not regulate “off-label” prescribing. This term refers to a common practice when physicians prescribe a drug for something other than its intended use. In many cases, off-label prescriptions can be valuable to patient recovery. Still, patients need to make sure they are fully aware of every detail about the prescriptions they are about to take. Reasons Why Physicians Prescribe Medications for Off-Label Purposes Particularly in the case of minor medical conditions, off-label use of prescription drugs can be very effective. For example, a person with a minor external skin irritation may benefit by applying a sore throat medication containing Lidocaine. Even for more serious conditions, however, doctors may prescribe medications off-label in situations such as the following: A lack of a known treatment: A drug may not exist to treat a medical condition, but physicians may be aware of drugs known to help or even cure a condition, even if it is not intended for this particular use. Standard medications fail to work: Perhaps the most common example pertains to cancer. Once patients stop responding to the known treatments for their type of cancer, doctors may turn to other medications that have some potential for prolonging a patient’s life or reducing painful symptoms. Unaffordable medications: Most doctors know that some patients may not fill an outrageously-priced prescription, while others will stretch their dollars […]

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Truck Wreck Lawyers Advise Drivers on How to Remain Safe Around Trucks

May 8, 2015 - Truck Accidents by

Truck drivers generally go through extensive training to learn how to handle massive vehicles. Unfortunately, even though the Alabama Driver Manual provides information on sharing the roads with trucks, many drivers do not truly understand why they pose dangers to smaller passenger vehicles. The average car is simply no match against semi-tractor trailer trucks. Considering that truck drivers can usually walk away from accidents that leave passengers of small cars severely injured or worse, every driver should learn some basic procedures that can protect them on Alabama roads. Five Tips That Can Help Reduce the Risk of Truck Accidents Commercial trucks are vital to our lives. They get the products we use every day to market, but many people think it would be nice if all large vehicles used separate roadways. Barring that unlikely scenario, drivers can be much safer by observing the following tips: Recognize the “no zone:” Understand that driving anywhere around trucks or buses is dangerous. Drivers cannot avoid them, but there is no reason to linger near them for any significant length of time. A helpful online brochure, Don’t Hang Out in the NO-ZONE, published by the U.S. Department of Transportation, clearly illustrates the areas where other drivers are at risk for accidents. Pass properly: The best chance of being seen by a truck driver is to pass on the left side. Keep in mind that trucks cannot react quickly, so give as much room as possible while passing and avoid cutting directly in front of […]

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