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Truck Accidents: Here’s What You Need to Know

Jan 31, 2024 - Truck Accidents, Tuscaloosa by

If you have been injured or a close family member has tragically lost his or her life in an accident involving a semi or large commercial truck, you should contact a Tuscaloosa truck accident lawyer right away. You will need legal representation in order to recover your losses, and it is important that you choose a lawyer who has specific experience handling large truck accident cases. We represent clients who have been seriously injured and who have lost loved ones in trucking accidents throughout Tuscaloosa, and we can use our experience to help you collect the financial compensation you and your family deserve.

Truck accident cases are complex, and they require in-depth knowledge of a large body of state and federal law. You also need a law firm that is capable of addressing the medical aspects of your case, and that has the financial resources needed to go toe-to-toe with the trucking companies and their insurers. Let’s take a brief look at the types of truck accidents that can occur.

18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

Many of the most serious truck accidents involve 18-wheelers. These trucks, also known as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, are extremely large and extraordinarily heavy, and this makes them difficult to control and stop in emergency situations. In fact, even under normal driving conditions, a truck driver who is distracted or following too closely – or a truck that hasn’t been loaded properly – can present extreme risks for the occupants of other vehicles on the road.

In these cases, it is important to conduct an investigation promptly, and if you have been injured or lost a loved one, we encourage you to seek legal guidance right away.

T-Bone Truck Accidents

While most people picture highway pileups when they think about truck accidents, collisions at intersections and on local county and city roads are common as well. This includes T-bone truck accidents, which most often occur when a truck driver enters a controlled intersection without the right of way.

Various factors can be at play in T-bone truck accidents. Driver distraction, driver fatigue, and driver intoxication are all common factors, but issues such as brake failures and truck overloading can play roles in these accidents as well. Once again, in order to determine what happened and who is to blame, you should engage a Tuscaloosa truck accident lawyer to launch an investigation right away.

Hit-and-Run Truck Accidents

Just like hit-and-run car accidents, hit-and-run truck accidents are an all-too-common occurrence throughout Alabama. While hit-and-runs can involve all types of collisions (including T-bone accidents), they typically involve one of two main factors. Either: (i) the truck driver did not realize that he or she hit another vehicle, a cyclist, or a pedestrian, or (ii) the truck driver was afraid of getting into legal trouble and losing his or her job, so he or she fled the scene intentionally.

In either scenario, there are options available for tracking down the hit-and-run truck driver. Any details about the truck that you can remember will be helpful, but you should not give up hope if you do not have any information about the truck that hit you or your loved one.  

Tuscaloosa Truck Accident FAQs

Q: When Can Accident Victims and Families Seek Financial Compensation for Losses Suffered Due to Truck Accidents?

There are two main theories of liability in commercial truck accident cases: (i) negligence and (ii) strict liability for product defects. The vast majority of cases involve negligence claims against truck drivers, trucking companies, shipping companies, and other individuals and corporations that played a role in causing the victims’ losses. However, truck drivers can lose control due to defects in their rigs as well (i.e. faulty brakes or accelerator pedals), and it is important to consider all possible factors when determining who (or what company) is liable for your losses.

In addition to examining the extent and location of the damage to each vehicle, a thorough review of weather, road and traffic conditions can also assist in determining whether a semitruck driver was traveling too fast or otherwise negligent in the moments leading up to the collision. When we investigate your case, we will examine all potential causal factors in order to identify all of the parties that are legally responsible.

Q: Can Accident Victims and Families Seek Just Compensation Based on Violations of Trucking Safety Regulations?

In many cases, yes. Commercial trucking companies and truck drivers must adhere to strict state and federal regulations that are designed to protect the safety of other motorists. When they fail to comply with these regulations, they can be held accountable for the consequences of their failures.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations govern almost every aspect of the trucking industry. Examples of these regulations include, but are not limited to:

  • Size and weight restrictions
  • Height and Width Limits
  • Route Designations and Limitations
  • Passenger Carrier Regulations
  • Hazardous Material Regulations
  • Cargo Rules, Regulations and Requirements
  • Preservation of Records Requirements
  • Hours of Service Rules
  • Inspection and Maintenance Requirements
  • Motor Carrier Safety Standards

Serving victims in Tuscaloosa and beyond, our trucking accident attorney has the knowledge required to determine when accident victims are entitled to financial compensation based on violations of state and federal trucking safety regulations.

Q: What are the Steps Involved in Seeking Financial Compensation After a Truck Accident?

After a truck accident, the two most important steps you need to take are: (i) seeking treatment for your physical injuries and emotional trauma; and (ii) engaging a law firm to represent you.

When you contact us, together with a team of investigators and experts within the trucking industry, we will examine the causes of your accident, determine who (or what company) was at fault, and fight to win just compensation for your losses. While the majority of our cases result in settlements, we represent our clients at stages of the legal process, including mediation, arbitration and trial, when necessary. No matter what it takes, you can rest assured our truck accident lawyer will not stop fighting until you receive the settlement or verdict you and your family deserve.

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