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Recognizing and Preventing Common Office Workplace Injuries

Jan 23, 2015 - Personal Injury by

Most office workers do not see their jobs as dangerous. Most certainly do not face the severe hazards that construction workers or miners face on a daily basis. Still, the fact remains that countless employment-related injuries and illnesses occur regularly in offices. Even though Alabama workers’ compensation can provide financial relief for these workplace injuries, accident prevention is a better choice, whenever possible. Recognizing Common Types of Office Injuries Danger does not discriminate. An impressive executive office in Tuscaloosa may have as many hazards as a row of cubicles in Birmingham, so all workers need to be able to spot risky situations anywhere. While a workplace injury may qualify for compensation, an experienced lawyer would say that the best workplace accident is one that never happens. Some good advice comes from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, which identifies a number of common hazards, including the following: Falls: Surprisingly, office workers sustain injuries from falls more than twice as frequently as workers who do not work in offices. Sometimes, they are victims of the environment, such as when they trip on loose carpeting, slip on wet floors or do not see steps due to poor lighting. However, they can easily cause their own injuries when they choose a chair over a step-stool, pile items on the floor or even leave the bottom desk drawer open. To help prevent these accidents, workers need to watch their own practices and notify their employers when they spot other hazards in the workplace. Lifting injuries: […]

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Complying With Universal Helmet Laws is Just One Step Towards Motorcycle Safety

Jan 9, 2015 - Motorcycle Accidents by

In 1967, Alabama was among the first four states to implement universal helmet laws that require all individuals who ride motorcycles to use helmets. To be sure, enactment of the law has helped to save lives. Still, most accident lawyers believe motorcyclists and their passengers should take additional preventive actions to further protect themselves from the risk of potentially devastating injuries. Studies Show that the Move to Universal Helmet Laws Has Improved Rider Safety Motorcycles offer little protection, so most people can clearly see why the use of good-quality helmets is so important. Still, individuals who like to feel the wind in their hair may need more evidence. The Community Preventive Task Force offers the following median statistics for states that switched from partial helmet laws or no laws to  universal helmet laws: The total number of deaths decreased by 37 percent. Fatalities related to head injuries went down by 44 percent. The total number of non-fatal injuries decreased by 32 percent. The total number of non-fatal head injuries went down by 51 percent. On the other end, states that repealed universal helmet laws completely or reduced the laws saw similar increases in the median value of these same statistics. Bikers Can Do More to Protect Themselves Helmets represent an essential first step in biker protection, but riders can do much more to protect as many body parts as possible. Our Tuscaloosa attorneys recommend that every biker download a copy of Personal Protective Gear For the Motorcyclist. This two-page brochure, […]

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