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Alabama Lays Claim to One of the World’s Most Dangerous Roadways

Dec 24, 2014 - Personal Injury by

Thanks to a 2013 ranking by the World Health Organization, Alabama has the dubious honor of having one of the world’s most dangerous roads. According to Yellowhammer Multimedia, U.S. Route 431, which runs through the state, is also the fourth most deadly road in the U.S., as evidenced by the many memorial crosses placed along the roadway. Injury victims and families who lose loved ones because of dangerous roads in Tuscaloosa and elsewhere in Alabama may be forced to go against powerful municipalities to seek compensation for their losses. These cases require skilled personal injury lawyers who know both the state and even federal laws that protect the interests of their clients. Alabama US 431 Received Four Out of Ten on the Fear Factor Scale A rating of four does not seem too dangerous based on a 10-point scale. However, the primary hazards cited on US 431 are common causes of accidents: Poor visibility High speed driving Sudden changes between two and four lanes of traffic In just the last week of October, 2014, noted six serious accidents on this road, including a severely-injured deputy who was hit by a car while directing traffic at a wreck site. Determining Fault for Dangerous Road Accidents is Very Complex When accidents occur on dangerous roadways, identifying liability is not always a simple matter. Consider some of the possible factors that might have contributed to the deputy’s injuries: The motorist may have failed to comply with the state’s “move over” laws. The […]

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Alabama Pedestrian Danger Index Rated Second in the Nation

Dec 12, 2014 - Car Accidents by

Between 2003 and 2012, 723 Alabama pedestrians suffered traffic-related fatalities. This number earns the state its high national Pedestrian Danger Index ranking, according to, Younger and older pedestrians seem most susceptible to danger, with 49 children under 16 and 93 adults making up a significant portion of the statistics. Negligent drivers are at fault for many of these accidents; but they are not necessarily the only cause. Experienced Tuscaloosa car accident attorneys understand the importance of investigating beyond the obvious causes to help protect the rights of injured clients and their families. Common Causes of Clashes between Cars and Pedestrians Establishing all underlying causes is essential to identifying all parties who have liability for any accidental injury legal case. The following are some of the individuals who may share liability in a pedestrian accident: Negligent drivers: Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving too fast for conditions or distracted can fail to notice or react to a pedestrian on the road. Dangerous roadways: Curvy roads can reduce the ability to see pedestrians crossing the road. Potholes can send pedestrians and vehicles out of control. Overgrown foliage can also block the vision of drivers and pedestrians. In other words, everyone from municipalities to private property owners can share liability for these devastating accidents. Guardians of the very young and the very old: Some individuals, such as small children or senior citizens require 24-hour care to protect them from any number of daily hazards. Whether they do […]

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