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Financial Abuse: A Real Concern For the Elderly

Feb 26, 2016 - Personal Injury by

Physical abuse of the elderly is a recognized issue for seniors placed in the care of others, whether in nursing homes or through in-home care. Even individuals who receive acceptable levels of physical care, however, may be victims of financial abuse. When the money runs out, the physical care ends as well. Certain Alabama statutes now recognize the crime of elder financial abuse and impose penalties, but each Tuscaloosa injury attorney at our firm believes that more preventive types of laws might help seniors avoid destroying their golden years. Three Common Forms of an Underreported and Growing Crime No accurate statistics identify the severity of the senior elder abuse problem, but most experts in the field agree that it is underreported. During a time when increasing numbers of aging baby-boomers now need senior care, the problem is undoubtedly getting worse. Recent estimates indicate that seniors might be losing an average of $30,000 from financial abuse. The following three types of financial abuse are most common: Nursing home theft: Elderly individuals living in residential care have virtually no privacy or security. Caregivers and even other residents have full and frequent access to rooms, making them ripe for theft of everything from personal valuables to financial documents. Phone and computer scams: Anyone living at home is susceptible to scammers who prey on them over the phone, at the door or on their computers. Scammers often count on even minor diminished mental capacity of individuals who willingly hand over massive amounts of money, […]

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Auto Blind Spot Monitors Provide Little Protection for Motorcyclists

Feb 12, 2016 - Motorcycle Accidents by

When buying a new vehicle, few consumers pay close attention to blind spots during the test drive. Of course, all cars have blind spots that often prevent drivers from being aware of other cars driving right next to them — or even unseen bicycles and pedestrians. Mirrors help reduce the problem to some extent, but in the interest of increased safety, some vehicle manufacturers now offer blind spot monitors. Our Tuscaloosa accident attorneys applaud the introduction of a device that provides electronic detection assistance to help reduce the blind spot issue. Still, drivers with these devices still need to use their eyes. Just as important, motorcyclists should feel no safer on the road. Many Blind Spot Detectors Sense Larger Vehicles Better than Smaller Ones Even if riders knew for certain that every vehicle sharing the road was equipped with a blind spot detection device, they still need to avoid riding in blind spots. RideApart, a portal that serves the power sports industry, cites AAA findings that show that the abilities of one device over another can vary widely. In addition to potentially having detection ranges that are too short to provide ample warning for any driver, the devices do not always detect motorcycles because: The devices that may effectively detect larger vehicles are 26 percent slower at identifying nearby motorcycles. They detect slower-moving vehicles better than they pick up faster-moving vehicles, often notifying drivers too late to help avoid motorcycles. They provide auto drivers with a false sense of security, […]

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