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How an Injury Attorney Can Assist with Nursing Home Abuse Situations

Jun 26, 2015 - Nursing Home Neglect by

One of the most difficult decisions in life involves placing elderly loved ones in a nursing home. This choice may be essential to ensure their wellbeing and about 90 percent of Alabama nursing home residents and their families rate their facilities as excellent or good. However, it only takes one errant caregiver — or even another resident — to turn a highly-regarded facility into a dangerous nightmare for defenseless seniors. Filing a Complaint is a Multi-Step Process After hearing about abuse and neglect concerns from several viewers, WSFA published a story pertaining to these issues. During their investigation, a representative from the Alabama Nursing Home Association laid out the process that concerned families should follow when they have concerns: • The process begins by expressing concerns to facility administration and then watch for improvements. • If no changes occur, it is time to contact the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH). • The ADPH then has to contact the facility and request information about the concerns. • The facility must quickly respond to the ADPH request, which then needs to review the information and decide if they need more information or if they need to perform an on-site investigation, which requires additional time. Although every step of the process has strict time limits, it is easy to expect that senior family members may see little or no relief for an extended time period. During this time, families typically must make numerous visits to their loved ones to help ensure their […]

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Car Accident Attorneys Warn: Thorough Evidence Matters

Jun 12, 2015 - Car Accidents by

Particularly for injury victims, taking the right actions and making good decisions is challenging when pain and adrenaline work to muddy the ability to think clearly. Even when injured motorists have to head straight to the emergency room, their legal interests are best served when they can collect evidence to support their stories and protect their rights. There are no perfect answers for this predicament, but there are some tools and tips that can make these situations easier to handle. The Right Evidence Before and After the Accident There is no such thing as too much evidence, but it does not only pertain to what happened at the accident. The best claims contain three basic categories of evidence: General information from the accident scene: Never leave the scene without an accident report from police. Also be sure to collect contact information for all participants and witnesses. License and insurance information from all drivers is also essential and it is best to look at the actual ID cards or even take pictures of them. Specific accident evidence: Capture images of the damage to all vehicles, their position on the road and injuries. Include photos of the road and even general weather conditions. Retain all damaged items within the vehicle and torn or bloodied clothing, as well. Of course, never begin vehicle repairs without obtaining permission from the insurance company or the attorney handling the legal case. Ongoing documentation: The issues pertaining to an accident do not end at the moment of […]

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