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Teens at Increased Risk for a Fatal Car Accident in Alabama during Summer Months

Jun 22, 2011 - Car Accidents by

The summer season is finally here. That means school has let and out teens have their mind on everything but school work as they’ll be setting out to hang out with friends and soak in the beautiful weather.

Unfortunately, these upcoming months are some of the deadliest for our teen drivers as these young drivers typically experience an increased risk for a fatal car accidents in Alabama between now and Labor Day.
According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, May, June, July and August hold 9 of the 10 deadliest days of the year for teens on our road. This season also kicks off the start of the 100 deadliest days for our teenage drivers. More teens are expected to die during these months than the average of any other time period throughout the year.

Our Alabama personal injury attorneys understand that our local students are excited about summer vacation. We recognize that many teen students have their driver’s license and plan to be driving around town as much as possible through the next few months. It is not only important to remind them about the importance of safe driving habits, but it is also important for other motorists to be on the lookout and to be practicing defensive driving habits to avoid an accident with one of these inexperienced drivers.

These motor-vehicle accidents are the number one killer of teens in our country. According to the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2009 witnessed more than 5,000 teen drivers in fatal motor-vehicle accidents. During the same year, nearly 2,500 teen drivers lost their lives in these incidents. Another 196,000 teen drivers were injured on our roadways because of these types of accidents. Fatal motor-vehicle accidents that involved a teen driver during that year made up 11 percent of all of the accidents that turned fatal. Teen drivers made up nearly 15 percent of all police-reported accidents.

Although our teen drivers are not of legal age to consume alcohol in the state of Alabama, this doesn’t mean that they’re always going to listen. In the United States, more than 30 percent of drivers 15- to 20-years-old that were killed in a motor-vehicle accident were under the influence of alcohol. Of the more than 600 drivers that were killed in this age category, more than 40 percent of them were reported to have been drinking behind the wheel at the time of the accident.

Throughout 2009, Alabama witness nearly 150 fatal accidents that involved at least one teen driver.

Parents are urged, especially during these summer months, to speak with their young drivers about the importance of safe driving habits and the consequences of traffic accidents. Accidents not only involve our young and precious children but they affect motorists of all types. Help teach our children to help save lives.

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