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Common Causes of Swimming Pool & Waterpark Injuries & How to Prevent Them

Aug 31, 2023 - Personal Injury by

Many Alabamians seek refuge from the hot summer sun at public and private swimming pools and waterparks. The cool water offers a sweet respite from the heat and offers multiple recreational fun opportunities with friends and family. Unfortunately, for some swimmers, a day at the pool or waterpark ends when they suffer an injury. When this happens, a Tuscaloosa personal injury attorney at Cross & Smith, LLC, can help you navigate your way through the claims process so you can recover the compensation you deserve for your injury.  

Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are some of the most common at pools and waterparks. While most of the injuries will be scrapes, bruises, or broken bones, some slip and fall injuries can lead to drowning or severe personal injuries. One of the reasons slip and fall injuries occur is because both pools and waterparks are covered in water which can make many surfaces slippery. To help prevent these injuries, it is a good idea to wear pool shoes and walk, don’t run, around pools and water parks. 

Drain Entrapment

Drain entrapment has caused multiple injuries in children and adults at pools and waterparks. It occurs when the powerful suction from a drainage system draws a part of the swimmer’s body or swimsuit to it and the swimmer is unable to detach themselves. As a result, a swimmer or parkgoer can be held underwater for an extended period of time. 

Another problem that can happen is evisceration, which occurs when a person sits on a drain that is not properly covered or maintained. The suction from the drain then disembowels the person. Evisceration often results in death.

Entrapment and evisceration typically occur in swimming pools and hot tubs, and the victims are usually children. If your loved one died due to entrapment or evisceration, contact a Tuscaloosa personal injury attorney at Cross & Smith, LLC. 

Lack of Trained Supervision & Overcrowding

Public swimming pools and waterparks should be staffed by an adequate number of trained and qualified lifeguards. These lifeguards should be constantly attentive, ensuring the safety of the persons they are observing. They should also have access to the equipment needed to respond to an emergency situation. When there are not enough lifeguards, or the lifeguards have not been properly trained, accidents can occur.

Overcrowding is also an issue that can affect a lifeguard’s ability to ensure the safety of the people in a pool or waterpark. Too many people can prevent them from being able to see a person who is in distress in enough time to provide them with the life-saving measures they need. 

A Tuscaloosa personal injury attorney from Cross & Smith, LLC, can help you determine if your injury was precipitated by any of these issues, including an inadequate number of lifeguards as well as overcrowding.  

Problems With Design or Inferior Materials

Pools and waterparks should be designed in a way that promotes safety and complies with applicable laws and regulations. A pool or waterpark that has not been designed properly can be dangerous. Blind spots, slippery paths, and waterfalls can create situations fraught with danger. 

If the builder or maintenance provider of a swimming pool or waterpark uses inferior materials, the result can be perilous to the users of the facility. Examples include steps that crumble and water filtration systems that do not function properly. At Cross & Smith, LLC, we assist people who have been injured due to the problematic design or inferior materials used in the construction of a pool or waterpark. Contact our office to speak with a Tuscaloosa personal injury attorney.

Swimming Pools & Children

Swimming pool injuries can occur for a myriad of reasons, including a lack of proper supervision. Children must be watched closely around swimming pools and should never be left unattended. When they are, they can run through wet areas, causing them to slip and fall. Children are often not very good at swimming, and it only takes a few minutes for them to drown or be submerged long enough to cause permanent damage to their brains.  

Preventing these injuries is generally not difficult. First of all, never leave a child unattended around water, and if you have a pool ensure that there are adequate measures in place to prevent a child from wandering into it. Pools are attractive to children, and for good reason, but a simple fence or alarm can go a long way to preventing a pool-related tragedy. Also, make certain your children begin taking swimming lessons at an early age so that they have the skills needed to save themselves should they become submerged. Finally, talk with your children about pools and the dangers they pose so they have proper respect for pools and know how to remain safe. 

Prevention of Pool & Waterpark Injuries

In order to prevent injuries to yourself and those you love while swimming in a pool or visiting a waterpark, there are certain precautions you should take. When visiting public pools, ask about the qualifications of the lifeguards and report any problems you observe, such as unsafe conditions. When visiting waterparks, avoid areas that appear overcrowded and have a buddy system where each family member checks on another to ensure everyone is kept safe. 

Even using common sense and taking precautions cannot prevent all accidents and injuries, and when they happen to you and those you love, a Tuscaloosa personal injury attorney from Cross & Smith, LLC, can help. 

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