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Alabama Traffic Accidents A Risk Over Memorial Day Holiday

May 24, 2013 - Car Accidents by

We kick off the summer travel season with the Memorial Day weekend holiday. Unfortunately, it also kicks off the most dangerous time of the year for motorists on the road. According to The Selma Times-Journal, Alabama State Troopers will be out in full force looking to bust irresponsible drivers.

Our Tuscaloosa car accident lawyers understand that there were three fatal car accidents that happened during the 2012 holiday. That’s a number that’s down from seven in 2011. We’re hoping for zero this year. Alabama State Troopers will be out hunting dangerous drivers from Friday, May 17th through Tuesday June 4th.

Through this safety campaign, troopers are urging drivers to buckle up, drive sober, avoid distracted driving and use caution while crossing highways and railroad tracks.

We know that accidents happen, even if that accident is a breakdown. Knowing what to do in the event of a vehicle breakdown can help keep you safe over the holiday travel weekend.

If your vehicle breaks down, safety should be your first concern — always. Getting out of your vehicle at a busy intersection or out at a highway to change a tire can be one of the most dangerous things you can do. The Insurance Information Institute (III) offers some safety tips, should you find yourself on the side of the road.

-Never get out of your vehicle when you’re stopped on a busy highway. Get your vehicle to a safe place before exiting. All too often, motorists slam into disabled vehicles because they’re not paying attention behind the wheel or they simply don’t see them.

-If you’re unable to drive your vehicle to a safer spot, your best bet is to sit inside the vehicle with a seat belt on and wait for help. When you’re outside of your vehicle in a dangerous area, you’re just a target. Stay inside your vehicle and stay buckled in.

-Having flares and/or triangles with you can be of added benefit. This will help you to mark your location once you’ve moved your vehicle to the side of the road.

-Put on your hazard lights. You want to give travelers as much notice as possible. Be seen out there, especially if you’re on the side of the road after dark.

-If you run into a flat tire, move the vehicle before getting out. If you’ve got to ride on the rim, go ahead and do it. The cost to fix a rim is going to be much cheaper than a hospital bill should you get into an accident while trying to change your tire in a dangerous area.

We’re urging you to stay safe out there. Officials with the National Safety Council (NSC) predict that there will be close to 410 traffic fatalities that are going to happen throughout the U.S. during the Memorial Day travel weekend. Don’t become a statistic and prepare yourself for anything and everything out there. It’s your best bet when it comes to staying safe.

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