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Alabama Travel Breakdown: Stay Alert, Stay Safe

Aug 9, 2012 - Car Accidents by

Our Tuscaloosa personal injury attorneys understand the dangers that motorists face in the wake of a breakdown, or when they run out of gas. The side of the road, with traffic flying by, poses serious risks. And the fact of the matter is that these secondary accidents are quite common.

There are things you do in the event of a breakdown to help avoid such secondary collisions. It can happen to any of us — an accident, a breakdown or running out of gas. Whatever the reason may be, it’s dangerous to pull over. You want to make sure that you pull your vehicle as far off of the road as possible. Flip on your car’s hazard lights, particularly if your vehicle is causing an obstruction to passing motorists.

There are shoulders on the side of the road. They’re there to help motorists in a bind. Only use these areas in an emergency. Your best bet is to drive to a safe place before stopping, if you can.

Tips for A Highway Breakdown:

-If you have to stop on the side of the road, pull onto the shoulder as much as you can and turn your wheels to the left.

-Keep on your sidelights and turn on your hazard lights.

-Stay inside your car and stay buckled up to wait for help. Most often, standing outside your vehicle is inadvisable and dangerous.

-If you need to get out, do so on the right-hand side of the vehicle. Never exit near passing vehicles.

-You should always carry a roadside emergency kit with you. In this kit should be reflective triangles, road flare and basic first aid equipment.

-If you get a flat tire, you want to make sure you get the vehicle to a safe location before you try any repairs. Even if driving on a flat means the wheel itself will get damaged, it’s far more important you ensure your personal safety.

Remember that safety should be your top priority in these situations. You can replace a car, but you can’t replace a human life. Make sure you and your passengers are safe and away from traffic. Keep an eye on your children and don’t let them wander!

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