Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians Are On The Rise In Alabama. How Can They Be Prevented?

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Car accidents are a regular occurrence on Alabama roadways. While some cause major injuries to drivers and passengers, many are just fender benders and the occupants of the vehicle are not harmed. Typically this is because cars are designed to withstand the impact of the crash. Airbags deploy and the occupants are spared the extensive injuries they would have otherwise incurred. But what about car accidents that involve pedestrians, not other cars? 

Car accidents involving pedestrians are on the rise in Alabama, and they are significantly more dangerous than accidents involving two motor vehicles. Our Tuscaloosa car accident attorney discusses why.

Why Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians Are So Dangerous

The main reason pedestrian accidents often end in significant injury or death is that the pedestrian has no protection from injury while the driver of the car is surrounded by a steel machine designed to protect them. These accidents also often tend to be catastrophic due to speeding. The faster the car that hits them is traveling, the more devastating the injuries. 

How to Prevent Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Fortunately, there are steps pedestrians and drivers can take to prevent these horrible accidents from occurring. Our Tuscaloosa car accident attorney explains this below.

How Pedestrians Can Prevent the Accidents

Pedestrians need to be proactive to prevent being involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. Following are tips all pedestrians should adhere to:

  • Dress in bright colors so that you are easily seen. Reflective clothing is even better. 
  • Only walk during daylight hours when possible. If you are required to walk at night, wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight. The key is to make yourself as visible as possible. 
  • When sidewalks are available, walk on them rather than the road. If a sidewalk is not available, walk as far away from the traffic as possible. 
  • Use crosswalks and intersections for crossing roads. If these options are not available to you, cross the street in an area that is well-lit and allows for clear visibility in both directions.

How Drivers Can Prevent the Accidents

Drivers should take precautions to ensure they are not involved in an accident with a pedestrian. Drivers should take note of these tips:

  • Be vigilant, constantly looking around your vehicle for anything unexpected, including pedestrians. 
  • Refrain from driving while under the influence of any drug or alcohol that affects your ability to safely drive a motor vehicle. 
  • Drive within the posted speed limit, and be extra cautious when in school zones, near parks, or any other area that children frequent. 
  • Do not engage in aggressive driving.
  • Slow down when approaching crosswalks and intersections so that you have time to stop if a pedestrian tries to cross the road.  

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