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Car accidents can disrupt your way of life. From missed work and unpaid doctor bills to the pain and suffering caused by your injuries, when you have been in a car accident, you need legal help to get your life back on track. At Cross & Smith, LLC, our attorneys are experienced in a myriad of different types of car accidents and can provide the assistance you need. Below are some of the most common types of car accidents in Tuscaloosa. If you have been injured in one of these types of accidents, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Tuscaloosa car accident attorney.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions may not be as common as some of the other types of car accidents on this list, but they are certainly one of the most dangerous. When two motor vehicles crash head-on into each other, the force of impact is magnified. This often results in catastrophic injuries or even death. 

Head-on collisions can occur for many different reasons, but one of the most common is that a distracted or intoxicated driver crosses over into oncoming traffic.

Sideswipe Accidents

When two vehicles are facing the same direction and the side of one of the vehicles collides with the side of the other vehicle, a sideswipe accident has occurred. A common reason these accidents occur is that the driver of one of the vehicles mistakenly believes the space they are moving into is vacant. These types of accidents often occur between moving vehicles and vehicles parked on the side of a road. If the car parked on the side of the road is there legally, the driver of the other vehicle will receive the ticket. 

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions occur when one motor vehicle crashes head-on onto the back of another motor vehicle. Rear-end collisions often happen at stop signs and stoplights or when the lead vehicle makes a sudden stop. 

While the driver of the car in the rear is typically the party found liable in these accidents, this is not always the case. If you have been in a rear-end accident and have questions, it is best to speak with a Tuscaloosa car accident attorney.

T-Bone Collisions

A T-bone collision is when the front of one vehicle crashes into the side of another vehicle, thereby making the shape of the letter “T.” These types of accidents generally occur at intersections when one vehicle does not stop when they are supposed to at a red light or stop sign. As both cars are typically traveling at high rates of speed, the injuries suffered in T-bone collisions can be severe. Having a Tuscaloosa car accident attorney to assist you in the recovery of damages from a T-bone collision can be very supportive in your pursuit of compensation.  

Merging Accidents

Merging accidents generally occur when one vehicle is attempting to move into an adjacent lane and collides with another vehicle. When these accidents occur on interstates, the parties involved and other vehicles are traveling at high rates of speed and a merging accident can cause a multi-vehicle accident. 

Roll-Over Accidents

Sometimes when car accidents occur, one of the vehicles ends up rolling over. It may end up on its roof or continue to roll over and over. While car roll-overs can occur for many reasons, inclement weather and traveling at high rates of speed are two of the most common. 

There are certain types of vehicles that are more prone to roll-over accidents, including SUVs, vans, and trucks as their center of gravity is higher than vehicles that sit closer to the ground. No matter the type of vehicle involved, a Tuscaloosa car accident attorney from Cross and Smith, LLC, can help you recover the compensation you are owed.   

Left-Turn Accidents

Taking a left turn is actually more dangerous than most people realize. The driver making the left turn is required to keep an eye on oncoming traffic as well as pedestrians, and they can feel rushed to turn before the light turns yellow. While many people assume the driver taking the left turn is at fault in left turn accidents, this is not always the case. Determining fault will require the consideration of various factors, including if one of the parties was running a red light or was speeding. 

Hit-and-Run Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents occur when a motor vehicle strikes another vehicle and then flees the scene. This is illegal and dangerous. When you have been involved in an accident where the other driver fled the scene, a Tuscaloosa car accident attorney from Cross & Smith, LLC, can help you recover any compensation you may be owed. 

Single Vehicle Accidents

A single vehicle accident occurs when a motor vehicle collides with a stationary object, such as a tree or a concrete divider. Sometimes, there is no other object but the driver of the car loses control and flips the vehicle. If you have been involved in a single vehicle accident, do not just assume it is your fault. There may be a manufacturing defect or other circumstance beyond your control that caused you to wreck your car. A Tuscaloosa car accident attorney can help you make this determination. 

Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Multiple vehicle accidents are often referred to as “pile-ups” and many of the victims in these accidents are not at fault; they are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. When multiple vehicles are involved, determining who is at fault can difficult. 

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