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Distracted Driving Series Part 1: Visual Distractions

Jul 30, 2021 - Car Accidents, Tuscaloosa by

Ask any Tuscaloosa auto accident attorney, and they will tell you, distracted driving is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents throughout Alabama. There are three different types of distracted driving: visual, manual and cognitive. In Part 1 of this three-part series, we will discuss visual distractions that cause drivers to take their eyes off the road. Even for a moment, looking at anything not related to driving a motor vehicle can lead to a serious accident. 

Examples of Visual Distractions  

Our Tuscaloosa auto accident attorney hears about all kinds of accidents stemming from visual distractions, including the following:

Observing Surroundings

While being aware of your surroundings is always a good idea, it does not mean that it is advisable to look at people or property not directly related to driving. For example, taking your eyes off the road long enough to read a billboard about a great band that is coming to town can cause you to rear-end a vehicle that comes to a stop in front of you. Another example could involve seeing a roadside stand and trying to see whether or not they sell your favorite fruit. While this may seem innocent enough, it is important to remember that a lot can happen in a few seconds — especially when a vehicle is traveling over 50 miles per hour. 

Chatting With Passengers

Other passengers can be a significant distraction for drivers. We are taught from childhood to look people in the eye when speaking with them; however, this is not the safest choice when you are operating a motor vehicle. For instance, maybe you are heading out with friends for dinner on a Friday night, or perhaps you are going to a soccer game with your children on a Saturday morning. Either way, your eyes should be on the road, traffic signs and signals, and other vehicles. You should not be turning around to play referee for the children in the backseat. 


It’s happened to all of us — traffic slows down for no apparent reason at first, then a few minutes later, you notice vehicles that were involved in an accident pulled off on the shoulder of the road. It becomes clear that traffic is slowing down because other drivers and their passengers want to see what is going on with the vehicles involved in the accident. Often, this rubbernecking leads to yet another accident as the passing vehicles are observing the crash rather than the traffic around them. This remains true even if there is no crash, but rather a vehicle is pulled on the shoulder of the road for another reason, such as a flat tire. 

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