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Distracted Driving Series Part 2: Manual Distractions

Aug 13, 2021 - Car Accidents by

In this second part of our three-part series, our Tuscaloosa accident attorney discusses manual distractions, which are one of three types of distracted driving. Manual distractions occur when vehicle drivers take their hands off the steering wheel to engage in an activity other than driving the car. At Cross & Smith, LLC, our firm has represented numerous victims across the state of Alabama that have been injured in auto accidents caused by manual distractions. 

Types of Manual Distractions

There are various types of manual distractions, including the following:

Reaching For Items

While driving a motor vehicle, it is easy to become distracted by reaching for something that is out of your reach. Examples include:

  • Reaching for a dropped cell phone
  • Digging through your purse to locate your makeup
  • Stretching so that you can reach an item dropped by a small child in the back seat
  • Reaching into the glovebox to retrieve a pair of sunglasses

Eating & Drinking

One of the joys of fast-food restaurants is the ability to eat on the go. Unfortunately, paying attention to the food in your to-go bag instead of the road is a good way to cause an auto accident. Even the best drivers can accidentally spill their drink, causing them to unintentionally swerve their car. It is much safer to leave a few minutes early and eat your meal in a parked car to prevent this and other types of accidents.

Self Grooming

Many people shave a few minutes off their morning commute by performing personal grooming acts while driving. Examples of this include applying makeup and combing their hair. While this may allow a person to sleep in a few extra minutes, it also requires them to remove their hands from the steering wheel and concentrate on something other than the act of driving. 

Adjusting Vehicle Controls

Modern vehicles are equipped with all sorts of gadgets to make our time spent behind the wheel more enjoyable. From heated steering wheels and air-conditioned seats to satellite radio and dual climate controls, the possibilities are endless. Still, the actual setting of all these controls is most safely done while the car is still parked. 

Technological Distractions

Our ability to stay in touch with others in virtually any situation can be extremely helpful. However, when the devices we use, such as smartphones, take top priority when operating a moving vehicle, they become very dangerous. It is best to wait until your vehicle is stopped to make or answer any calls. 

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