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What Does a Tuscaloosa Car Accident Attorney Do and Why Do I Need One?

Jan 31, 2022 - Car Accidents by

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be wondering why you would need a lawyer to help you with the aftermath. There are quite a few reasons why you are better off having a lawyer represent you, as our Tuscaloosa car accident attorney explains.

A Tuscaloosa Car Accident Attorney Gathers Evidence to Prove Negligence

When you’ve been in an auto accident, you need as much proof as possible to show that the accident is not your fault. This is because Alabama is a contributory negligence state, meaning that If you are found to be responsible in any way for the accident, you are barred from any recovery. An experienced Tuscaloosa car accident attorney can help you prove that the accident was not your fault by gathering the necessary evidence needed under the law. Some of the ways they do this are by:

  • Accessing a Network of Professionals: A well-versed car accident lawyer will have an established network of professionals they can call on to help you prove the other party was negligent. This team may consist of investigators, accident recreation specialists, and doctors.
  • Reviewing Official Reports: After your accident, the responding police officer will have written a report of what they believe occurred. There may be other reports from investigating officers and witnesses. Your lawyer will review these documents to look for evidence to strengthen your case. 
  • Obtaining Medical Records: While this may seem like an easy task, obtaining medical records can sometimes be difficult. Doctors and hospitals may not comply with requests from you, whereas an attorney may be able to have the records provided. 

A Tuscaloosa Car Accident Attorney Negotiates to Maximize Your Payout

Remember, your attorney speaks on your behalf, which can be invaluable as you are not experienced with the law and may say something that will hurt your case. The attorney will be able to speak with different parties for you in order to maximize the amount of compensation you receive. This includes:

  • Insurance Companies: Whether it is your insurance company or the other party’s, your attorney will speak with them about the case and stop them from giving you the runaround.
  • Other Attorneys: The insurance company will have a team of attorneys working for them, and other people involved in the accident may have their own attorneys as well. Your Tuscaloosa car accident attorney will be able to speak with them and negotiate for the best outcome possible for you.

A Tuscaloosa Car Accident Attorney Represents You In Court

When settlement negotiations fail, your attorney will be by your side in court to ensure you receive the best representation possible.

Speak With a Tuscaloosa Car Accident Attorney

If you have been in an automobile accident, speak with a knowledgeable Tuscaloosa car accident attorney to find out what your options for recovery are. The attorneys at Cross & Smith, LLC, are experienced professionals and they are ready to put their knowledge to work for you. You may reach our office by calling 877-791-0618 or via our contact page.

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