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Alabama DUI Accidents a Risk During Autumn Football Season

Sep 8, 2013 - Drunk Driving Accidents by

Authorities reported the recent Tuscaloosa DUI arrest of a 20-year-old woman near the University of Alabama campus, after she had allegedly struck a utility pole, causing a power outage.
Although the driver and two passengers suffered injuries, our Tuscaloosa DUI accident lawyers know these types of collisions are often far more tragic.

With class back in session for college students and football season in full swing, we unfortunately suspect this is just the beginning of the near-campus DUI crashes.

We believe that, with football season underway, we are soon going to see a rash of injuries stemming from young drivers who take the streets following raucous tailgating gatherings, sports bar patronage and house parties.

The problem is that alcohol consumption tends to be so closely intertwined culturally with sporting events – and football in particular.

Some city police departments across the country are anticipating much of the same, and as such, are providing “tailgating party kits” that encourage gridiron fans to prepare before the games this fall. For example, in Strongsville, OH, the local police are providing party hosts with kits that include:

  • A grilling apron;
  • A grill towel;
  • A container for guests’ keys;
  • Recipes for tasty, non-alcohol drinks;
  • Drink coasters and napkins;
  • A $5 grocery store gift card;
  • A $5 taxi voucher.

We believe this is an excellent idea. Although it hasn’t caught on locally, Tuscaloosa football fans would do well to have this same kind of preparation in mind when planning their own celebrations.

College students may not realize that if they are hosting an alcohol-fueled get-together, they could face civil liability if one of their guests drives drunk and seriously injures or kills someone.

Anyone planning a tailgating party should take the following steps to keep guests safe:

  • Make sure that guests who don’t want to drink know that they will still have a blast. Don’t force drinks on anyone or rush to refill anyone’s glass as soon as it empties.
  • Have plenty of food on hand. Some ideas include high-protein foods, such as cheese and meats. Those stay in the stomach longer, and they can help slow the absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream.
  • Avoid mixing carbonated beverages with alcohol. While rum and cola may be a popular drink, what you may not realize is that carbonation actually serves to increase the speed at which the body absorbs alcohol, making a person drunker faster. This could lead to poor decision-making.
  • Have a great variety of non-alcoholic drinks available. Consider having coffee and deserts on hand to serve during the last quarter in order to give everyone a chance to sober up.
  • Refuse to let guests drink and drive.

The best celebrations end with everyone making it home safely. We strongly encourage you to do your part this season to make sure that happens.

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