10 Ways To Prevent A Motorcycle Accident In Alabama

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Motorcycle riders love the freedom that comes along with riding a motorcycle on the open road. 

Unfortunately, the chance of a fatality in a motorcycle accident is approximately 30 times higher than in a car accident. There are precautions motorcyclists can take to help prevent an accident and lower the risk of serious injury or death when an accident occurs. Below, our Tuscaloosa accident attorney discusses 10 of the most effective precautions motorcyclists can take.

#1 Wear A Helmet & Reflective Gear

Wearing a helmet and reflective gear are two of the easiest ways motorcycle riders can protect themselves in case of an accident. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a helmet is 37% effective in preventing deaths for motorcycle riders and 41% effective in preventing deaths for motorcycle passengers. 

#2 Obey Traffic Rules

Motorcycle riders should be vigilant in obeying posted speed limits and other traffic laws. It is best not to engage in aggressive driving or take unnecessary risks. 

#3 Don’t Drink & Ride

Drinking before riding a motorcycle has a negative effect on the rider’s reaction time and ability to concentrate. 

#4 Enroll In A Motorcycle Safety Course

Even experienced riders can learn something new at a motorcycle safety course. Plus, our Tuscaloosa accident attorney advises that an insurance company may lower the premiums of a motorcyclist that completed an approved safety class. 

#5 Don’t Ride At Night 

It is more difficult for motorcycle riders to see, and be seen, after dark. It is best to only ride a motorcycle when the sun is out and the rider can see for a long distance.   

#6 Take Care Of Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles perform better when they are well maintained. Motorcyclists should have routine maintenance performed on their machines to stop preventable accidents from occurring.

#7 Don’t Ride In Inclement Weather

Inclement weather not only makes for low visibility but it also makes it more difficult for a rider to maintain control over their motorcycle. High winds and slippery roads are never good conditions for motorcycling. 

#8 Be Constantly Aware Of Your Surroundings

Motorcyclists should stay vigilant, with their eyes always peeled to see other motor vehicles, pedestrians, and any potential dangers. 

#9 Keep Away From Cars

It is best for motorcyclists to keep their distance from cars whenever possible. Close proximity increases the likelihood of an accident. 

#10 Assume No One Sees You

It is best for motorcyclists to assume that drivers cannot see them and not rely on others to prevent an accident from happening.

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