Common Injuries Sustained In Motorcycle Accidents

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Accidents involving motorcycles often result in catastrophic injuries and sometimes even death. One of the reasons these injuries are typically so disastrous is that unlike drivers and passengers in cars, motorcycle riders do not have a heavy metal frame surrounding and protecting them. When a motorcycle rider collides with another vehicle or a stationary object, such as a tree, the rider’s body hits the other vehicle or object unimpeded and they are often traveling at a high rate of speed. Following are some of the most common injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents, as noted by our Tuscaloosa accident attorney

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Alabama law requires motorcycle riders to wear protective headgear, and for good reason. Helmets help protect riders from sustaining serious injuries to their head. However, head injuries do still occur, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). 

There are three levels of severity for TBIs that can be sustained in a motorcycle accident. These include:

  • Mild TBI: A mild TBI may result in a headache, nausea, or dizziness. A person that experiences a mild TBI may or may not lose consciousness.  
  • Moderate TBI: A moderate TBI can result in seizures, eye dilation (one or both eyes), and loss of coordination. A person that experiences a moderate TBI will typically lose consciousness for more than 30 minutes but less than 24 hours.
  • Severe TBI: A severe TBI can cause all of the above-listed symptoms and persons that experience a severe TBI are typically unconscious for more than 24 hours.

Persons who experience TBIs in a motorcycle accident should speak with a Tuscaloosa injury attorney at Cross & Smith to learn their options for obtaining compensation.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding can occur after a motorcycle accident. Blunt force or penetrating trauma is the cause. Signs of internal bleeding include swelling, pain, and lightheadedness. Without treatment, internal bleeding can prove fatal. 

Cuts & Lacerations

Motorcycle riders can sustain minor and severe cuts and lacerations during an accident. These types of wounds can be painful and cause scarring and nerve-ending damage. Without treatment, cuts and lacerations can also become infected. 

Broken & Damaged Limbs

In a motorcycle accident, limbs can be broken, crushed, and damaged. Sometimes, these injuries result in amputation. At other times, these types of injuries can cause a person to become disabled and unable to walk. When these types of injuries occur, it is best to speak with a Tuscaloosa injury attorney.


Motorcycle accidents can cause disfigurement to the rider’s face and other body parts. The most traumatic type is often facial disfigurement. Burns and road rash are two of the causes of disfigurement in motorcycle accidents. 

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