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Product Safety Organization Cites Dismal Effectiveness of Children’s Product Recalls

Jan 27, 2017 - Personal Injury by

When the organization, Kids in Danger issued its most recent report on children’s product recalls back in 2015, it was somewhat heartened by the results. While about one-quarter of all products recalled by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) were for children, there was a slight reduction in child injuries and fatalities.

Unfortunately, the majority of recalled children’s products (nearly 80 percent) remain in consumer hands after recall. Our Tuscaloosa accident attorneys want parents to understand the special challenges of keeping their children safe from dangerous products — and know what to do in the event any product causes injuries.

Numbers Alone Add Challenges to Tracking the Safety of Children’s Products

Many children’s playrooms seem to be stacked floor to ceiling with toys. Add strollers, cribs, car seats and countless other must-have products to the mix, and it would take a full-time analyst just to keep track of where each item is, much less whether they are all safe.

Parents who dutifully register bigger ticket items have an advantage because manufacturers will notify them in the event of a safety recall. With some effort, parents can go further to protect their children, as follows:

  • Sign up for recall lists: While the CPSC provides the most official recall information, child-dedicated sites like Safe Kids Worldwide allows parents to sign up for the most recent product alerts focused specifically on children.
  • Inspect all products carefully: Before putting new toys or other products in the hands of children, parents should perform quality tests. First, check visually to ensure that no part presents dangers in the hands or mouths of small children. Then tug everywhere to determine if small parts stay put. Make sure that all hinges do not put small fingers in danger and that all safety-related parts (like seat belts and brakes) operate properly.
  • Monitor children: Of course, no parent is likely to leave the children completely to their own devices. However, make a point of observing how they play with their toys. If they are too rough, certain toys may have to be removed.

Keep in mind that the lack of a recall does not guarantee that all children’s products are safe. For every recall, there is always a first incident.

When Children are Injured, Liability Issues Often Arise

Naturally, sympathies go to families whose children suffer injuries from dangerous products. However, when the families seek compensation for these injuries, they must go against powerful attorneys representing the product manufacturers, and those attorneys are likely to shift liability to the children or their families.

Before contacting a store or product manufacturer to seek justice, learn more about all legal options from a compassionate lawyer who understands Alabama product liability law.

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