Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home for Your Loved One

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Having to make the decision to place your loved one in a nursing home is not easy. Often, family members struggle over where to place mom and dad so they get the care they need in a safe, warm, and attentive environment. Our Tuscaloosa personal injury attorney has represented nursing home residents and their families when nursing homes fail to provide the resident with the care they require. These experiences have left us with some insight into what to look for when choosing a nursing home for your loved one. 

Do Your Research

The first step in choosing a nursing home is to find out as much information as possible about the homes you are considering. Ask family, friends, religious groups, and trusted medical professionals what their thoughts are. Social workers are another good resource. If you know of someone that has a loved one in a home, ask if they would be willing to speak with you about their experience. 

Visit the Facility & Meet the Administrators

Make an appointment to tour the facility and meet with the administrators. Do not be afraid to ask questions, such as the history of the facility. Has there been a lot of staff turnover? Watch how the administrators interact with the residents. Does it feel like a warm environment? How do the residents look? Do they appear happy and engaged? 

Visit the Facility Again & Pay Attention

When you schedule an appointment, the facility will likely put its best face forward for you. When you show up without an appointment, however, you may be able to see a more realistic picture of what happens in the home. Our Tuscaloosa personal injury attorney advises that you should visit at a different time of day than you did before. Mealtime is a good time to see how and what the residents are served. 

Inquire About Services Offered

When you place your loved one in a nursing home, you want them to not only receive basic sanitary care but also engage in activities that stimulate them and make them happy. Ask what the nursing home does to promote social activities. Are there weekly groups that meet for residents that share interests? Also, what type of security does the facility offer?

Ensure You Are Able to Visit Often

The best way to know how your loved one is faring in a facility is to be present as much as possible. Because of this, it is best to look for homes where family members are easily able to stop by and visit. Make sure you are clear on the visitation policy and that it provides adequate opportunities to be with your loved one. 

Speak With A Tuscaloosa Personal Injury Attorney at Cross & Smith, LLC 

If you have concerns regarding the treatment you or a loved one has received at a nursing home, contact a Tuscaloosa personal injury attorney at our firm. We help victims of nursing home abuse and neglect recover the compensation they deserve. Contact our office to learn more about how we can help you. 

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