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Tuscaloosa Injury Attorneys Encourage Safety this Halloween

Oct 25, 2012 - Personal Injury by

According to officials with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Halloween is the most dangerous day of the entire year for pedestrian accidents in the United States. To no surprise, a majority of these accidents involve children. Our Tuscaloosa pedestrian accident lawyers are asking parents to take the proper safety precautions and to talk with their children about safe traveling habits to help to keep our little ghost and goblins safe during their trick-or-treating adventures.
We’re also asking homeowners and drivers to make sure that they keep a lookout for our young ones on All Hallow’s Eve. Burns and trips and falls are all common causes of accidents on Halloween. Luckily for homeowners, a little preparation and thought can go a long way toward protecting our children from harm. Medical professionals with the Tuscaloosa Surgical Center offer homeowners, parents and pedestrians some important safety tips.

Keeping Kids Safe:

-Make sure that each child has a flashlight or is wearing bright or reflective clothing. You want to make sure that they’re easily seen by motorists.

-Make sure that costumes are comfortable. Put your child in comfy sneakers. Tie up all loose ends on their costumes to prevent trip and fall accidents and to reduce the fire hazard.

-You should use face paint instead of a mask. Masks block your child’s vision. They need to see their surroundings to stay safe and avoid a fall.

-Make sure that you inspect their trick-or-treating candy before allowing them to dig in. You want to dispose of any open candy or candy that has been tampered with or can be a choking hazard.

-You want to attach emergency identification (including their name, address and phone number) inside of their Halloween costume or on a bracelet.

-Make sure they know to only accept candy at a homeowner’s door. Make sure they know never to go into the house of someone they don’t know.

-Make sure children never run through people’s yards.

-Children should never cross the street without an adult. Make sure they cross only at crosswalks or at road crossings.

-Before heading out to trick-or-treat, make sure that you have a plan of action. Choose a route that is well-lit. You also want to choose an area that is familiar, and that has sidewalks and safe street crossings.

-Make sure you feed your child a healthy and filling meal before heading out so they’re less likely to snack on candy that hasn’t been inspected yet.

-Look both ways before crossing the street. You should only walk across the street — never run.

-Never assume that you have the right of way when crossing the street. Always make eye contact with drivers before starting into the road.

-Consider using artificial light or glow sticks inside your pumpkins to help to eliminate any fire hazards. Where candles and fire are being used, always supervise the area.

We’re also asking drivers to be on their best behavior through the end of the month. With Halloween falling on a Wednesday, there will be two weekends worth of festivities — and dangers. Be especially careful when driving through residential areas. Travel slowly and be on the lookout for children.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween.

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