Alabama Truck Accidents Have Variety of Causes

Mar 6, 2012 - Bessemer, Truck Accidents by

Our Bessemer accident attorneys have seen far too many crashes caused by truckers who were either distracted, fatigued or reckless.

Causes of accidents involving large trucks over 10,000 pounds are as varied as the people behind the wheel. A study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2/?p=1007 looked at the top causes of large truck crashes, and this is what they found:

Of a sample of 120,000 large truck crashes analyzed, at least one person was killed in every single case. In nearly 80 percent of these cases, the large truck was pulling one semi-trailer. In 5 percent of the cases, the trucks were hauling materials deemed hazardous. Also in about 75 percent of these crashes, the truck struck another vehicle.

When investigators look at the causes of the crash, they sometimes have to analyze what was happening hours, days or even months prior to a crash. That’s because crashes can involve elements such as driver fatigue, driver training and experience or the design and manufacturing of the vehicle itself.

In cases in which the truck driver or his rig were responsible, here are the top 10 crash causes:

  1. Problems with the brakes;
  2. Traffic jam or congestion from prior crash;
  3. Use of prescription drugs;
  4. Speeding;
  5. Unfamiliarity with the road;
  6. Problems on the roadway;
  7. A required stop, such as a traffic light or crosswalk;
  8. Over-the-counter drug use;
  9. Inattention;
  10. Fatigue

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