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Prom & Graduation Season: Car Accidents in Tuscaloosa and Elsewhere

Apr 23, 2012 - Tuscaloosa by

Officials are already doing their part in pushing for prom and graduation safety — all we need now is the participation of area high school students. According to ABC 33/40, Central Alabama’s largest emergency ambulance service provider is working alongside other public safety agencies and Tuscaloosa County High School’s Pride Chapter to kickoff this year’s “Prom Promise.”

The goal of Prom Promise is to reduce drinking and driving. It’s an all too common scenario, alcohol-related car accidents in Tuscaloosa and elsewhere throughout the state during prom and graduation season. Many of these types of accidents wind up with fatal results. Don’t let your teen become a victim. Ask them to make the Prom Promise and vow to be safe and sober behind the wheel during this year’s prom.
“If we can stop at least one person from doing this on prom night, then all our efforts are worth it!” said Debbie Blake, the Operations Manager for NEMS Tuscaloosa.

Our Tuscaloosa car accident attorneys ask all prom goers to practice responsible party habits and to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages. These high school students may not be old enough to drink alcohol legally, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t and that they won’t. Students are asked to step up if they see someone who has been drinking attempt to get behind the wheel. Results can be catastrophic if not. With safety as a top priority, we can help to keep our roadways safe and our teen’s injury free during this time of the year.

Every year, roughly 3,000 teenagers die in car accidents across the nation. It’s estimated that about a third of all car accidents involve an alcohol-impaired driver. During this time of the year, we see a significant increase in these kinds of accident, too. Students are gearing up for prom, heading to graduation and then they’re out for summer break. With these opportunities to be on our roadways, risks for accidents rise as well.

“We recommend that parents talk with their teen drivers and together establish rules,” said Barbara Harsha, GHSA executive director.

Car accidents continue to be the number one killer of teenagers across the nation. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, there was an increase in the number of these kinds of fatal accidents during the second half of 2011. Officials believe that this increase is a sneak peek into the trends for the following year. With increased risks predicted, we’re asking parents to step in, lay down some rules and keep a watchful eye on our young drivers to help to minimize their risks for an accident.

Parents are urged to get in on the campaign and talk with the teen driver in their lives to help to further reduce the risks for potentially fatal car accidents in Tuscaloosa and elsewhere throughout the state. Make sure you know where they’ll be going, who they’ll be going with and when they’ll be home. Make sure you lay out ground rules, including passenger limits, texting and phone call limitations, a curfew, etc. before the big night.

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