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Work Accidents in Tuscaloosa and Elsewhere Targeted through Month-Long NSC Campaign

Jun 5, 2012 - Tuscaloosa, Workers' Compensation/Work Injury by

For the entire month of June, officials with the National Safety Council (NSC) are promoting National Safety Month.

Our Tuscaloosa workers’ compensation attorneys understand that there are small steps that we can all take to help to reduce our risks of injury — both on and off the job.

Officials with the NSC will be featuring safety topics throughout the month. Follow along and work toward a safer time both at work and off the job.
Here’s the setup for the month-long campaign:

-June 3rd – 9th: Employee Wellness
-June 10th – 16th: Ergonomics
-June 17th – 23rd: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
-June 24th – 30th: Driving Safety

This annual observance is used to educate and encourage safe behaviors to help to reduce the risks of work accidents in Tuscaloosa and elsewhere. This year’s campaign is encouraging safe behavior — all day every day. Each week will be dedicated to a different type of injury, ones that are all too frequent in our everyday lives. Review each week’s materials to help to reduce your risks of needless and preventable injuries.

The first week of the campaign is being used to help to improve the overall health of workers nationwide. From the 3rd through the 9th, officials are urging workers to make the proper changes to eat better and to get more exercise to help to reduce the risks of accidents on the job.

During the second week of the campaign, from the 10th through the 16th, officials will be looking at ergonomics and the simple ways to reduce strain and the risks of injury in the workplace. Ergonomics is described as the proper way of designing a workplace to make jobs run as smoothly and injury-free as possible.

The third week of the month-long campaign, from the 17th to the 23rd, is being used to help to prevent slips, trips and falls. Most of these kinds of accidents are in fact preventable. More victims attribute these accidents to being clumsy. But the truth of the matter is that there are many other factors that play into these kinds of accidents. Every year, there are nearly 9 million people who visit an emergency room because of a fall-related accident. These accidents are the number one cause of unintentional injury across the country.

The last week of the campaign, from the 24th through the 30th, will be used to help encourage safer habits behind the wheel for driving employees. Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that we’ll do each day. As traffic increases on our roadways through the summer months, drivers are asked to keep distractions at bay, to always buckle up and to practice cautious and courteous driving to help to reduce risks of an accident.

By making a few small changes, we can all work to make every day safe on the job. Most accidents are preventable and we have to power to stop them from happening. Review the NSC’s National Safety Month campaign to help to increase your safety on and off the job!

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