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Red-Light Cameras Coming to Even More Cities to Prevent Car Accidents in Alabama

Jul 5, 2011 - Car Accidents by

Red-light cameras will be installed in another city to reduce the risks of Alabama car accidents. Late last week, the Midfield City Council adopted a new ordinance that will allow for photographic traffic signal enforcement systems, or red-light cameras, to be installed at a number of intersections that have been deemed dangerous throughout city, according to Alabama Live. This ordinance could allow the city to be the first in Jefferson County to use red-light cameras to enforce traffic laws and to charge motorists a pretty penny for disobeying traffic signals.

The ordinance was approved shortly after the state Legislature approved a bill, presented by Rep. Merika Coleman, D-Hueytown, which allows the city to use these red-light cameras. The bill was recently signed into law by Gov. Robert Bentley.
Our Tuscaloosa car accident attorneys understand the dangers of intersection accidents and hope these cameras deter red-light runners. Once they’re installed, if you’re busted speeding through a red light the city can fine owners of vehicles $100 for the offense. Officials say that red-light runners are a big problem in Midfield, especially along stretches of the Bessemer Superhighway in the city.

“It’s another eye in patrolling the busy traffic along the Bessemer Super Highway,” Midfield councilman Terry Adams said. “It’s not a bad thing. Think about the number of lights run a day.”

Midfield isn’t the only city looking into the use of these cameras. Officials in Birmingham and in Fairfield say that they’re also interested in red-light camera programs. They are already in use in Montgomery and Selma.

Midfield is looking into installing these cameras at four of the city’s most problematic intersections. Officials believe that motorists will be less likely to run a red light if they know there’s a camera watching.

“It’s going to make things safer,” said Midfield Councilman Adams. “Some people will get mad, but in the long run, it’ll make it safer for your kids to walk the street.”

When cameras are installed, the bill requires that signs be posted to notify motorists that these cameras are being used. If you’re seen running a red light, it could cost you about $100. Motorists that have been caught by the eye in the sky at Midfield intersections will have the option to appeal to the municipal court and again to the Jefferson County Circuit Court if a motorist isn’t happy with the verdict.

Supporters of these cameras claim that they help to reduce the number of intersection accidents and promote roadways safety. Opponents argue that these cameras are nothing more than an effort by cities to generate more revenue.

The Mayor of Midfield, Gary Richardson, says no one in his city is using these cameras as a potential cash cow.

“This is for the enhancement of public safety,” Richardson said. “We’re not doing it as a means to increase revenue.”

No official date has been set on when the first cameras will be installed in the city.

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