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Common Maintenance Issues That Contribute to Alabama Trucking Accidents

Jul 16, 2021 - Truck Accidents by

Owning and operating a commercial truck can be an enormous responsibility. There are many issues that must be attended to, including ensuring that the truck is properly maintained. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the trucking industry and sets the standard for what types of maintenance must be performed on large trucks. Our Tuscaloosa truck accident lawyer understands these requirements and uses that knowledge to represent those who have been injured in trucking accidents caused by maintenance-related issues so they can recover the compensation they deserve. 

Types of Large Truck Maintenance Issues 

Some of the more common maintenance issues seen by our Tuscaloosa truck accident lawyer throughout the trucking industry include:

Tire-Related Issues

The importance of well-maintained tires on a commercial vehicle cannot be over-emphasized. Large trucks cover many miles causing a lot of wear and tear on the tires of their vehicle. This can cause problems in the following areas:

  • Under/Over Inflation of Tires: Air leakage from tires is normal. The problem arises when the tires’ air pressure is not checked regularly, and the tires on the truck have uneven pressures. This can lead to a blowout. 
  • Uneven Wear on The Tread: Uneven tread wear can be caused by several things, including bad alignment or mismatched tires. No matter the cause, uneven wear on the tread is a major cause of tire blowouts.

Malfunctioning Lights & Blinkers

While malfunctioning lights and blinkers on any vehicle are dangerous, it is significantly more troublesome on a large commercial truck. Due to its sheer size and potential to cause significant damage, the blinkers and lights on a large truck must be working to indicate the truck’s presence and intention to turn or switch lanes to other drivers.

Lack of Underride Rails

An underride rail typically consists of a U-shaped metal bar that hangs from the back of a trailer being towed by a large truck. They are very solid and exist to prevent another vehicle from sliding underneath the trailer in the event of an accident. Underride rails have successfully prevented fatalities caused by decapitation when the top of a motor vehicle is detached from the vehicle sliding under the trailer. 

Brake Failure

Commercial vehicles are massive, so when the brakes fail, and the vehicle careens into another vehicle, the resulting injuries are usually catastrophic. Brakes need to be tested every time a commercial vehicle is to be driven. When they are not, problems such as a leak in the brake line may not be caught in time to prevent an accident from occurring. 

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